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Title: Server & Forum Changes - 4-12-2018
Post by: Jeremy/Agentsix1 on April 12, 2018, 11:18:24 pm
Server Changes
- [Voting] /voteclaim now shows the number of unclaimed votes you have on your account
- [Voting] /voteclaim # claims the number of votes you entered.
- [Voting] /votes will now show you how many votes you have
- [Voting] A bug was fixed regarding vote counts not properly being logged.
- [Voting] Added the ability to run multiple commands for prizes
- [Voting] The plugin is now recognizing offline votes and setting them as unclaimed.
- [Teleport Blocks] A dupe glitch was found and patched!
- [Teleport Blocks] Items were not properly being detected as on top of the block and would either teleport or not teleport. - This has been fixed
- [Teleport Blocks] Items not teleporting to the proper set location has been fixed.
- [Custom Shop] Shops have been updated to not be so op and money farming
- [Custom Shop] More items have been added. We will add more just suggest them in suggestions on forums
- [Scoreboard] A new scoreboard has been added
- [Scoreboard] This scoreboard is currently at an early stage and I will be adding more features down the road!
- [Tab List] The tab list has gotten a complete overhaul
- [Announcements] All the announcements have been either changed or redesigned to look nicer.
- [Crates] We have added crates!
- [Crates] We added crates for voting, squire, knight,lord, and flux ranks!
- [Money Slips] We have added money slips for the crates!
- [Login] We have added an auto login system!
- [Forum Link] We added a system that links the server to the forums
- [Donate/Giveaway] New plugin used for donation codes and give away codes!

Forum Changes:
- Added Top Voters scroll bar!
- Added FAQ page
- Added more voting sites to vote tab
- Added a new Rules page
- Added a new donation store which should be fully active!
- We have officially linked the server to the forums which will now set your account to share your servers uuid. This will come into use later.
- Added a new wiki page.

There is a lot more that I am forgetting but I am sure I will get to it later.
Title: Re: Server & Forum Changes - 4-12-2018
Post by: Redd_Shadow on April 16, 2018, 09:45:23 am
all this effort is going to pay off! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK JEREMY!

Title: Re: Server & Forum Changes - 4-12-2018
Post by: GameChampCrafted on April 16, 2018, 12:39:07 pm
jeremy stream more :)
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