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Ban Appeals / Nfw_'s ban appeal
« on: April 14, 2018, 11:00:21 pm »
My IGN: Nfw_

Date you got punished (Date mm/dd/yy): 04/15/2018

For what reason you got punished: Your wish is my demand / being a dick and a bad member

Why you should be forgiven: I want to be given a second chance to play on YowsMC as I know I wasn't the kindest and nicest player on the server. I do agree I was a dick and that I shouldn't have done the things that I did, I know that there isn't a way to to go back and change what I did and said but I would at least want another chance to become a trustworthy member and to start playing on your server. I do deeply regret what I did.

Further Notes: I do really want to come back and I will stop being a dick and a bad member.  I just want to send my apologies to everyone that I was being mean to and ruined their day. If I do get a second chance I would most definitely stop being a bad member and I would play and build my claim up. Please take my appeal seriously because I really am sorry.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day,

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